The core mission of Lamas Finance is to provide users with a real blockchain gaming experience and the opportunity to make a profit from many DeFi’s key functions.

Developed on Solana - one of the fastest and cheapest platforms in the cryptocurrency space, each of the Lamas Finance games is a genuine Dapp: all computations are performed on the blockchain via smart contracts. With its massive liquidity and variety of features, Lamas Finance is expected to be capable of accommodating a large number of user requests as well as providing the users with an enjoyable experience.

Our platform offers a number of functions, including games, NFT collections, and yield farming. LMF, the native utility token of Lamas, is utilized for a multitude of reasons, including game participation, NFT exchange, staking, and yield farming.

Currently, Lamas Finance provides its players four games: Price Prediction, Up or Down, Jackpot Lottery, and Lucky Spinner. The first two are guessing games involving the price of an asset, with payouts proportionate to the players' forecasting accuracy. While Price Prediction requires players to provide an exact figure, Up or Down enables users to wager on market movements in one of the two directions. The other two games are dependent on luck. In Jackpot Lottery, users have a daily chance to win a jackpot if their tickets match the randomly drawn numbers. In Lucky Spinner, users can win multiples of their stake through random spins at any time of their choosing. More information is provided in Games.

Along with LMF tokens, participants in the games may acquire NFT pieces. Fantastic prizes are awarded to users for completing the NFT collections. In order to accelerate their progress, users may trade NFT on the Lamas Marketplace. More information is provided in NFT.

LMF token holders can participate in staking on the Lamas Finance platform with a high APY. In doing so, users can earn interest and avoid paying up to 50% of gaming taxes with the addition of being granted governance rights. Furthermore, they can make additional revenue through yield farming. More information is provided in Yield.

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