Users may stake LMF in order to obtain LMF with a reasonably APY. Rewards are from Lamas Treasury.

Additionally, users have the following advantages from engaging in LMF staking.

Tax reduction

Gaming and NFT trading will be taxed at a lower rate.

  • Level 1 (200 <= stake amount < 1000): 10% reduced

  • Level 2 (1000 <= stake amount < 3000): 25% reduced

  • Level 3 (stake amount > 3000): 50% reduced

Governance rights

Initially, the Protocol's parameters are established and implemented by the Lamas Finance foundation team. LMF token holders who have staked LMF for 30 days or more are granted certain governance rights, including:

  • Decide the bonus score in Price Prediction

  • Decide to open more crypto pairs to predict in Price Prediction and Up or Down

  • Decide the range of numbers in Jackpot Lottery

  • Decide the reward distribution ratio for the levels of prize in Jackpot Lottery

  • Decide the ratio of the tax burned to the tax that will be remitted to the treasury

  • Suggest new features.

From users’ feedback, appropriate administrative functions may be introduced. Additionally, to encourage people to engage in this process, there may be some benefit for those that vote.

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