Reward & Fee


Price Prediction is a zero-sum game and without external incentivization. If the final score is above average, there will be some profit. On the other hand, if the score is below average, there will be a certain degree of loss. Concretely, the reward will be calculated through the score and the staked amount (bet) by the formula below.

In addition, all players will have a chance to receive an NFT piece. The rarity of the piece will depend on their bet and rank. More details about the NFT collection are available in NFT.

Fee and tax

Participants must pay a negligible gas fee for the Solana network to participate in this game. For each transaction, this fee is 0.000005 SOL (approximately $0.001).

Additionally, the winner is required to pay a small tax to the Lamas Finance system (in USDC), equal to 2% of the profit (receipt minus stake). This tax will go to Lamas Treasury.

In the future, the ratio of tax to be burned and tax to be given to the treasury will be modified by governance voting. Additionally, users participating in staking on Lamas Finance will receive a reduction of this tax. This will be described in further detail in Tokenomic.

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