Game Guide & Interface Walkthrough

The system will show the rounds in sections. At any point of time, there will be two rounds occuring in parallel.

  • The "LIVE" card in the middle displays the information on the live stage of the current round.

  • The "Next up" card on the right displays the information on the prediction stage of the next round.

Additionally, the "Expired" card on the left displays information on the previous round.

The arrangement of these cards is demonstrated in the picture below.

Step 1: Choose your bet position

You will forecast the trend of the price for the next round by pressing "Enter UP" or "Enter DOWN".

Each button will come with a different multiplier. The price data and the prize pool will be updated in real-time.

Please check the timer to know the remaining time for this bet.

Step 2: Confirm your bet amount

After pressing the button, you need to enter an amount of LMF to commit the prediction.

When you have successfully placed your bet, the system will display as below.

Step 3: Wait on the live stage

When the prediction stage ends, the live stage will start and the round will be moved to the middle card. On this card, you can see the current price and trend (up or down) of the asset. Data will be updated automatically in real-time.

Now all you have to do is wait until the end of the live stage.

Step 4: Claim your prize

When the live stage ends, it becomes expired and moved to the card on the left. On this card, you can see the result of your bet.

You can check all information about your bets and claim the prize in the Bet History zone.

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