Game Guide & Interface Walkthrough

At the top of the Price Prediction game page, you can view information regarding the current prize pool, the countdown timer, and the number of participants.

Step 1: Choose the crypto to predict

You first need to choose which cryptocurrency whose price you want to predict. Currently, there are 2 options: BTC (Bitcoin) and SOL (Solana). Upon clicking on the corresponding cryptocurrency, it will be highlighted.

Below, you will see two values displayed: the initial price, labeled "Price on Monday", and the real-time price, labeled "Current price".

Step 2: Place your prediction

You need to input your guess of what the price will be on Sunday in the "Your prediction" section. This can be in the form of a precise value (left box, with $) or a percentage chance (right box, with %). Entering an amount in either box will automatically change the other accordingly.

After that, you need to enter an amount of USDC for betting in the "Your bet" section.

When everything is finalized, click "Submit" to submit your prediction.

Step 3: Wait until next Monday

The system will take the actual price of the asset at the end of the week as the "closing price" for calculating the final score and rewards.

Step 4: Claim your prize

You can check all information about your bets and claim the prize in the "Bet History" zone.

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