Up or Down

Participants in this game will wager on whether the SOL/USDT exchange rate will rise or fall during a certain period. A correct guess will earn the player a part of the prize pool.

The game is played in rounds. Each round is divided into two stages: prediction and live. In the prediction stage, participants wager on the price's upward or downward trend. The price is registered at the end of each of the stages. A correct Up forecast occurs when the exchange rate of SOL/USDT at the end of the live stage is higher than at the end of the prediction stage. Similarly, a correct Down prediction occurs when it is lower.

The total bet money constitutes the prize pool, which will be awarded proportionately to each participant who makes an accurate prediction.

In this game, participants will bet in LMF, with the minimum amount of 5 LMF and no maximum.

Up or Down uses real-time data from Chainlink Oracle.


Each round takes a total of 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for each of the prediction and live stages.

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