Lamas Treasury

Lamas Treasury is a reward pool designed to reward users for playing games, collecting NFTs, and most notably partaking in Lamas Finance's DeFi functions like staking and farming. It is sustainably structured and efficient to guarantee a consistent supply of LMF tokens (zero inflationary) while also maintaining a high level of incentive for LMF holders and users partaking in Lamas Finance services.

Lamas Treasury will be initialized with 25% of the total LMF token supply (for more details on token allocation, see Token Allocation). After that, the treasury will be maintained by the following sources of the avenue:

  • Taxes collected from games, and

  • Taxes on NFT transactions on Lamas market.

The Lamas Foundation Team will adjust the rewards for NFT redemption, staking, and farming such that no more than 10% of the Lamas Treasury is used to award users each month. The monthly revenue will compensate for this expense.

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