Game Guide & Interface Walkthrough

Entering the game, you will see the prize pool for the current draw and the remaining time until the draw.

Step 1: Select the numbers of tickets

You can click on the "Try your luck" button to start buying tickets.

To buy more tickets, click "Add more tickets".

Step 2: Choose your 4 magic numbers

For each ticket, you choose the numbers by clicking on them. The chosen numbers will be highlighted on the list and displayed in a line at the bottom of each ticket.

For each ticket, you can click on the Auto-fill button to let the system randomly select the numbers for you. There is also a "Auto-fill all" button to randomly fill all tickets.

For each ticket, if you want to change the numbers, you may click on the Reset button to deselect them all. There is also a "Reset all" button to reset all tickets.

The final step is to press the "Checkout" button to complete the payment and own the selected tickets.

Step 3: Wait for the result and claim your prize

Review all the tickets you have purchased and claim the rewards at Ticket History.

Below is Round History, where you can see more details about the past rounds.

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